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Collaborate With Us

We believe that successful acceleration of the development of nucleic acid therapeutics will be best achieved by working in partnership across the academic, industrial and charity sectors. Partnerships are a core component of NATA and we are seeking collaborations for both Our Hub and Research Challenges.

Collaborating with NATA Hub

NATA Hub has a flexible approach to partnerships and will build mechanisms bespoke to the needs of our partners and the scientific projects. Collaborations can be focused on a specific activity or more broadly across multiple projects and/or challenges. Scientific and technological innovation will be at the core of our partnerships, with the aim to deliver benefit to our partners and the wider nucleic acid research field.

NATA Hub is disease agnostic and although there will be an initial focus on ASOs, siRNA and miRNA NATA’s long term aim is to work on all types of nucleic acid therapies.

We are currently particularly interested in collaborations investigating endosomal escape, tissue specific targeting, conjugation platforms, novel synthesis methods and purification methodologies. However, we welcome enquiries from any organisation that would like to discuss possible collaborative projects even if outside of these particular areas of interest.

You can find out more about our research and expertise by visiting the Our Science page.

If you would like to discuss potential collaborations with NATA Hub please contact us.

Collaborating through Research Challenges

NATA is seeking to support collaborative consortia composed of industry and academia through our Research Challenge scheme. Interested organisations can establish a consortia from the ground up and apply to the scheme or may be able to connect with pre-established consortia as they move through the application process.

We would like for industry to be actively participating in the research of these consortia but a number of options exist for engagement for example providing an advisory role, providing access to technology and/or co-funding. Go to our Funding page to find out more.