Our Team Philosophy & Science


At our core, we are an integrated team of chemists, biologists and business partners who are dedicated to the end to end translational path of NAT design and development. Our business model is highly collaborative and we have a flexible approach to partnerships, developing bespoke solutions to meet the aims and needs or our collaborators. We can provide end-to-end support for your projects, advising and actively contributing to R&D activities, from a genetic target to pre-clinical proof-of-concept; or we can collaborate on a specific part of the translational pipeline. We are actively seeking new partnerships and collaborations.


Biology Capabilities 

•Cell- and tissue-specific targeting
•Developing 3-D cell models
•Delivery, efficacy, specificity and safety testing in vivo


                                               Chemistry Capabilities 

                                                           • Oligonucleotide design, synthesis and analysis
                                                           • Novel chemical modifications
                                                           • Advanced conjugation chemistry