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The Nucleic Acid Therapy Accelerator (NATA) is a new national research initiative with a mission to accelerate the development of nucleic acid therapeutics, while firmly anchoring the nucleic acid (NA) therapy industry in the UK for many years to come. 

The NATA will be at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, at the heart of a growing Life Health Cluster. It will benefit from and contribute to the campus’ world-class scientific talent, ecosystem and related facilities, including the Research Complex at Harwell and the new Rosalind Franklin Institute.



Paradigm shift

There have been several recent high-profile NA therapy drug approvals; however, success has been modest and confined mainly to liver and local delivery indications. For NA medicines to truly effect a paradigm shift in healthcare, some major scientific and industrial challenges need to be addressed: precision delivery; safety; and the high cost of manufacture.
The NATA will work in partnership with key stakeholders across industry, academia and charities to develop research programmes to address these problems for the benefit of the whole NA community.

A range of positive impacts

The NATA has the potential to see patients benefitting from improved health outcomes through a new generation of precision medicine; businesses gaining de-risked opportunities for drug development; researchers developing a greater understanding of nucleic acid therapies and innovative delivery technologies; and Patients will benefit from effective novel treatments and through treatment at earlier stages of disease and more effective delivery  of therapies.

Driving investment and growth

A key objective of the NATA is to help support and grow the UK’s NA R&D community. This will attract significant inward investment and drive growth in highly skilled jobs in medicines development and manufacturing.

Next steps

The next 6 months will see the NATA open for business, with the  appointment of a permanent Director and the opening of a national Hub at the Harwell Research  Campus.


Get involved

Partnership is at the core of the NATA model – successful delivery of the NATA mission to accelerate the development of NA therapeutics can only be done in partnership with stakeholders across the academic, industrial and charity sectors. The NATA will be outward facing, highly collaborative and will take a flexible approach to partnership, aiming to ensure that engaged parties benefit from collaboration while retaining full control over their existing assets.

The NATA seeks immediate engagement from key stakeholders to shape the early delivery and build capacity through partnership. To find out more please send us an email.

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